Luke Scudder

Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illnesses Succeed through Community, Mindset & Technology

Luke, assists aspiring entrepreneurs managing chronic illnesses in starting online businesses designed around their health challenges.

About Luke

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illnesses

Luke is a compassionate life and business coach who specialises in helping individuals confidently pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while managing chronic illnesses. Luke works with clients to first accept their conditions, to adjust their mindsets and perspectives to understand that they can still have hopes and dreams and through adaption, work towards their goals.

Products & Services

Tailored Products and Services for Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illnesses

Digital Products

Explore digital products and courses designed for entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses, providing essential business skills and flexibility.


Join membership communities for various aspects of your journey, with access to exclusive content and continuous support.

Group Coaching

Engage in group coaching sessions that offer collective problem-solving and peer support, guided by Luke.

One to One Coaching

Benefit from personalised one-to-one coaching tailored to your specific needs and business goals with Luke’s expert guidance.

How Luke Works

Luke’s Approach in Empowering Entrepreneurs

Luke provides the guidance and tools to aid in the acceptance of our health challenges, a free community of likeminded individuals who are going through the same journey and who are building their own successful online businesses.


First and foremost is community. Having a network of individuals that understand the journey you are on will provide more support, inspiration and motivation than you’ll ever realise. To be honest, this could be the most important aspect of our approach.

Acceptance & Mindset

Often overlooked but for those of us living with chronic illness and disease we don’t always have the best outlook and many of us have never truly accepted our diagnosis. Therefore, it is imperative that we work on these areas as they will hinder our abilities to move forward with all aspects of our lives, not just our entrepreneurial endeavours.

Ideation, Validation & Startup

We work with you to begin the process of finding the type of business that you’d like to start – we work with clients who want to start a digital, solely online business. We then go through some exercises to establish and validate the idea before moving onto the startup phase. The startup phase is where we build the foundations of your business. Develop processes and systems which can take on many of the backend tasks for you, which takes the pressure off of you on those bad days.

Unleash your entrepreneurial potential while managing chronic illnesses

Luke’s Unique Value

Why Choose Luke?

Personal Experience

Luke has firsthand experience living with several neurological diseases himself, providing him with a deep understanding of the daily realities faced by his clients. Luke “gets it” and lives it!

Tailored Solutions

Luke specialises in developing tailored online strategies that accommodate health challenges and align with unique conditions. Plus utilising technology to do the heavy lifting when you can’t.

Community Support

Luke founded Limitless Ascend, a free online community, to unite and support aspiring entrepreneurs managing chronic illnesses. Allowing us to network with likeminded individuals.

Client Testimonials

What Luke’s Clients Say

Free Resources for Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illnesses & Diseases

Webinars & Trainings

Luke, and occasional guest speakers, deliver webinars and trainings on a variety of topics including the importance of acceptance, developing our mindset and how to build out business systems and automations.


Luke has created a range of short courses aimed at helping you to learn and master very specific tasks or topics. These short courses are intended to develop your understanding on a foundational level.

Guides & Checklists

A wide range of guides and checklists that can be downloaded completely free of charge with the aim of helping and guiding you through a particular issue or problem.

Luke’s Blog

Containing articles across a wide range of topics that are relevant to both aspiring entrepreneurs and those living with chronic illnesses and diseases.

Limitless Ascend

A free community, founded to bring a very specific group of people together; aspiring entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses or diseases.

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