Freedom! Can You Create Your Own Freedom Or Is It Just Another Buzzword?

Freedom! Can You Create Your Own Freedom Or Is It Just Another Buzzword?

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Since 2020 we have all had to adapt to a changing world – I’m not going to mention the “C” word here, but the pandemic brought a whole new world to us all.

The pandemic has also brought a new level of enlightenment to many people. Many of us were caged up for months on end in lockdowns; the death of our loved ones and working from home have reminded many of us about what is important to us.

People have started to evaluate what they spend their time doing and for who. People are looking for their own ways to earn a living without the usual sacrifices that being an employee brings. People are looking to create their own freedom.

As the world reopens and we begin to emerge from our hibernation, the normal we once knew will be gone, and a new normal will be revealed. A normal where people will ponder what they do with their lives and a normal where they consider whom they do it for.

In this article, I explore whether it is possible to create your own freedom or is this yet another trendy phrase among millennials and generation z’ers?


About the author

Luke Scudder has been involved in business for over a decade after starting his first business in 2010. Since then, he has created and been a part of several businesses, including a web design agency and a six-figure IT company. Read more.

Luke now helps guys who work 9-5 and who feel stuck with zero flexibility or freedom to break free by starting their own online business, so they can stop selling their precious time for money and create their freedom. Learn more.

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