What I Do

To meet those ambitious aims you’ll need a hand, that’s where my coaching & consulting comes in.

I know building a business is more than hard (oh, I know!) and sometimes things just seem impossible (I hear you there too!). But you have ambitions, goals and a burning desire to succeed, so when things get tough or things just aren’t moving in the right direction, I’m here.

I provide coaching & consulting for micro-business owners, just like you. Whether you feel stuck and unsure of your goals or you need to make a change but are unsure how to or where to start, I can help.


Coaching isn’t about me telling you what you should or should not be doing, nor is it a place for me to share my opinions or thoughts. Coaching is a safe space for you; a creative space for you to become laser clear on what it is you want and a chance to refocus on what it is you need to do to get there.

Asking you powerful questions is worth way more to you than being told what to do.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, coaching is very much about you; your values, expectations, hopes, dreams and goals.

By taking a holistic approach we begin the coaching process by assessing each key area of your life. I take this, often overlooked, approach because an issue in any area of our lives will have a knock-on effect across all other areas. Therefore, it is vitally important you address these other areas before honing in on specifics.


Consulting is a great tool for micro-business owners as it allows them to bring in external guidance on areas of business that they may not have adequate knowledge or experience to navigate themselves.

It’s like employing a bigger team without the stress and cost of an extra employee.

Consultants typically have an area of expertise and mine is focused on business operations, processes, technology and the use of automation to improve business efficiency and profitability.

The process begins with in-depth conversations about the business, your goals and expectations, what you feel works well and what you think isn’t quite cutting it. I will observe how the business operates and if applicable, take the time to talk to all members of the team as they can often highlight some of the biggest issues within a business.

Once the fact-finding, observation and discussion have finished I work to create a completely personalised and candid report containing my findings and recommendations, including potential solutions.

Service Add-ons

I work with my existing coaching and/or consulting clients to provide a wide range of tailored, quality and value for money digital services geared towards micro-business, ensuring each package is as unique as their business.

Choosing the right services for your business is vitally important, don’t settle.

Traditional ways of doing business have forever changed, meaning any business which is serious about competing and being successful should be utilising a wide and varied range of digital services.

From CRM’s, customer service and communication platforms to email marketing, websites, sales funnels and online payments, right up to invoicing and accounting, the list is vast and often overwhelming.

I work to alleviate these overwhelming options and can suggest, provide and in most cases set up and manage such services on behalf of my clients.

What My Clients are saying

Luke was able to find the issues we had in our business and created a strategy to eliminate them. We are very happy with our outcome.

– Alexander H

Working with Luke was a pleasure and we are very happy with the end result. We now have a foundation we can build upon.

– Joe S