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Digital Products

Luke’s digital products, including courses, are designed to help entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses build successful online businesses. These courses cover essential topics such as business planning, marketing strategies, and leveraging technology, all tailored to accommodate the unique challenges faced by those with health conditions. Each course is crafted to be manageable and flexible, ensuring that you can learn at your own pace and implement strategies that work for you.


Memberships provide access to an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand the intricacies of running a business while managing chronic illnesses. Members benefit from regular updates, exclusive content, and a supportive network. This ongoing support ensures that you stay motivated and connected, receiving continuous guidance and inspiration from Luke and your peers.

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions offer a collaborative environment where you can learn and grow with others facing similar challenges. These sessions focus on collective problem-solving, sharing experiences, and developing actionable strategies. Luke facilitates these group interactions, providing expert advice and fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support among participants.

One to One Coaching

One-to-one coaching with Luke provides personalised guidance tailored to your specific needs and business goals. This service offers direct access to Luke’s expertise, allowing for in-depth discussions and customised strategies. Whether you need help with business planning, overcoming specific challenges, or finding balance with your health, this individualised support ensures that you receive the attention and advice necessary to thrive.

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